Project Loading

Project Loading is the adventure of a Loading Bar in its way to reach 100%.
Seeing that bar stuck motionless at 97% happens to anyone, and this makes you cover it with bad words and wonder: “why the hell it takes so long?!”

Playing Project Loading – an arcade puzzle game with minimalist design, simple and innovative mechanics – you will find out your Loading Bar is actually going through hell for you, and you will end up by respecting it and pulling for it!

Each one of the more than 100 game levels (some of them with pop culture references) describes the adventure of a Loading Bar that will need your help and high-skilled use of the accelerometer to go from 0% to 100%, facing hundreds of hostilities that want to stop it: Slow-down and Speed Areas, Bounces, sudden position changes, Anchors, Doors to open… All of them will keep you glued to your phone until you will be able to complete that damn level in the short given time. The most important thing? Not to get out of the field of crosses. If you do that, you will start all over again!

You will need to choose if you want to go straight to 100% or to risk it all in order to collect the Asterisks that may be your only hope later on: without them, you will not be able to activate precious powers, such as Infinite Time, Immortality and Resurrection. These powers will be often  your only chance to reach the next level!

You will be able to create your own levels and share them with your friends, who will test their nerves trying to complete them.

P.S. The developers do not take any responsibility for separations/break-ups, end of friendships, therapy sessions and phone-throwings.

You can also share your best levels with the Analphabeta Studio team: we will add the best ones in the next game update!
In Project Loading the everyday words are ‘defeat’ and ‘failure’, but at the end of it your self-control will be fit for a Zen master, promise!