2D Platformer

An experimental procedurally generated cave exploring 2D platformer game.

The idea behind this prototype was to create an explorable cave system using a 2D cellular automata algorithm what would make naturally looking caves.

Possible additions to the prototype would be to populate the environment with flora and fauna, this could be achieved by analysing the raw cellular automata data and determine flat areas in the cave where land-creatures and plants can be spawned, or by determining what part of the automata is a ceiling plants such as vines or ivy can be generated and bat-like creatures that cling to the ceiling can be spawned.

By analysing the cellular automata it would also be possible to generate lakes or ponds inside depressions / indentations in the ground, which in turn would allow for the addition of plants such as algae or water creatures that swim inside these lakes or ponds.

Another possible addition would be to ad the ability to interact with the world allowing the player to either destroy or build upon the environment making it possible for the player to make the world its own.

Made with Unity3D, coded in C#, sprite assets made in photoshop based on work by @mnrArt, font by @managore.